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Tooth pain can cause a nuisance in several areas of your life. It can be so severe that you have to call out of work or miss spending time with your family. During such times, it would be nice to know that you can call Long Island Emergency Dental specialty dentists in Nassau County with 24 hour 7 days a week service.  Dr. Kshonz is a compassionate dentist who is only a phone call away and can perform emergency root canal. You can visit his facility and receive immediate care for your tooth pain. Nassau County Emergency Dentists will perform several tests so that they can pinpoint the problem and offer you the best dental emergency solution for your situation and your budget.

What Causes Tooth Pain?


Tooth pain is usually an indication of tooth decay. Your tooth may be severely decayed, which can cause your roots to become exposed. You may have an abscessed tooth as well. Sometimes the poor placement of a filling can cause tooth pain. Other causes of tooth pain include infected gums and damaged fillings. Going to the dentist as quickly as possible will stop your tooth pain and start your treatment plan to rectify the situation. In Nassau County, Long Island Dental Emergency Dentist, Dr. Todd Kshonz offers 24 hour dental Emergency Dentists Nassau County services.

Remedies for Tooth Pain


The first step in creating a treatment plan is figuring out what caused the tooth pain. If your pain comes from an infection, then the Emergency Dentists in Nassau County will have to give you medicine to clear the infection before they can do work on your mouth. He or she may prescribe a strong antibiotic and a painkiller if your pain is severe. After the infection leaves your body, the Long Island Emergency dentist can perform a number of procedures to keep your teeth as healthy as possible.

You may need a filling placed over a cavity that exposes your nerve. You may receive an amalgam filling or ceramic filling that resembles the color of your teeth. The Emergency Dentists in Nassau County will help you decide which one is best for your condition.

The damage may be extensive enough to require a root canal in a Long Island Dental Emergency. A root canal is a procedure during which Dr. Kshonz will remove the pulp and root from your tooth and then he will reseal it so that you have no more pain. The procedure can save your tooth for many years as long as you keep the follow-up appointments.

Throbbing Pain!


When all else fails, you may request a tooth extraction. The removal of the tooth will solve any existing problems with it. If this is not something that you would like to do, then you can contact one of the best Emergency Dentists in Nassau County such as, Dr. Kshonz and discuss alternative methods for tooth pain cessation.

Have a Toothache?

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