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Emergency Dentists Long Island

Despite those who practice the most prudent of care in their dental hygiene, emergencies can happen. As quickly as these emergencies occur, they can lead to irreversible damage if not treated. In the event a dental emergency occurs, be sure to make an appointment with Dr. Kshonz’s 24 hour a day 7 days a week Nassau County, Long Island emergency dentists immediately.


Some people put off toothaches thinking they can treat the pain. While a little amount of pain can be handled, toothaches tend to get worse and can be a symptom of a major problem. In the event there is a toothache, do not bite down on aspirin. This can cause the blood to thin and if it needs to be removed, the gums may not clot well. Cold compresses can help with swelling until Nassau County, Emergency Dentists Long Island can be seen.


Abscesses are a type of infection in the gums. The danger presented with an abscess is that the infection can spread to the rest of the body through the bloodstream. It is crucial to see a dentist for an abscess. Until a dentist can be seen, swishing around warm salt water will help to alleviate some pain, draw the pus out and kill bacteria. Antibiotics may be required by Emergency Dentists Long Island to treat an abscess.  

Chipped or Lost Tooth

An appointment with Nassau County, Long Island Emergency Dentists is necessary to repair a chipped tooth. If possible, save any pieces of the tooth that chipped off. If it is bleeding, attempt to stop the blood flow by using gauze over the broken portion. For a tooth that has been knocked out, it can be reinserted once it has been cleaned off with water. If that isn’t possible, place the tooth in either table salt or milk to help preserve the tooth until it can be reinserted by the Nassau County dentist.

Lost Crown

When a crown falls off, try to find it and take it to the dentist. The dentist will be able to adhere the crown back onto the tooth. The loss of a crown can be extremely painful so getting to a dentist quickly should be the first priority. Keep the mouth closed as much as can be tolerated until a dentist can be seen. Cold air, foods and drinks will cause pain to an exposed tooth.

There are many dental emergencies that can occur, but seeing the 24 hours dental, Nassau County, Long Island Emergency Dentists' dentist is paramount when these things happen. The services at Dr. Kshonz’s office are 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.