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Emergency Dentist Nassau County


Having a Dental Emergency in Nassau County can be terrifying, which is why Dr. Kshonz of Nassau County, Long Island helps his patients through those emergencies promptly with 24 hours, seven days a week dental emergency service. Patients going through a dental emergency on Long Island should not have to go through this dreadful experience alone. You could be coping with pain, injury, the inability to eat, or even the inability to speak correctly. This level of discomfort demands relief as soon as possible. You especially want a dentist who cares about what you are going through.



An infection is one of the most common dental emergencies. You can get one from dental cavities leaving the root exposed, a faulty crown, a wound, or as a surgery complication. As with any infection, it needs treatment as soon as possible. Symptoms include pain, swelling, foul taste, and foul odor. Infections lead to severe complications, so call for an emergency dentist Nassau County appointment as soon as possible.


Broken Teeth

Broken teeth may seem like a cosmetic problem, but they can expose the root, injure the mouth's soft tissue, etc. Moreover, the sooner you get treatment, the more likely you can keep some of your original tooth material if the tooth was healthy. If it fell out at the root, you may be able to save the tooth if you get into the office quickly enough.


Dry Socket

After an extraction, Dry Socket happens when the clot forms inside the extraction site, comes out, and infection follows. Dry Socket occurs from smoking, the use of straws, or sometimes spontaneously. The resulting Dry Socket is excruciating and requires immediate treatment to prevent damage.



In some cases, teeth that require extraction become so bothersome as to be emergencies. Sometimes, emergency dental treatment can include antibiotics and pain relief until you schedule an appointment. In other cases, it is ideal for removing the tooth immediately. The only way to find out if the damaged tooth needs immediate attention is to see a professional emergency dentist on Long Island.


Severe Pain

You want to enjoy the simple things. Elusive dental pain is uncommon, but it does happen to many people. 

You could have a deep infection and have no apparent signs. You could also have a wisdom tooth coming in. While the cause may not be an emergency, excruciating and unbearable pain is a symptom that requires investigation. Come into the office for an oral exam and possibly x-rays to identify the cause. The sooner you know what is wrong, the sooner you can be treated and recover.


Dr. Kshonz of Nassau County, Long Island, helps his patients get through these emergencies promptly with 24 hours 7 days a week service.

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